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Susan Gladwin, she's unique
November 17 2020 0 comment

Susan Gladwin, she's unique

This months protagonist is Mrs Sue Gladwin....

Susan Gladwin, was a native of Worcester, UK. Where she managed two hairdresser shops for some 23 years.

She came to Tenerife 17 years ago, together with her husband Brian, and they both fell in love with a villa next to Amarilla Golf course, where she still lives today. Brian came home one day and told Sue that he was going to start taking golf lessons, and as Sue didn't want to be a "Stay at home wife " she also went to golf lessons along with Brian. Thus began her adventure in the game of golf, which has been one of the best things in her life.

The following year, they joined the Amarilla Golf Members Club, where Susan has been the captain twice, in both 2012 and 2015.

They chose Amarilla Golf because they found the atmosphere very happy and informal .
Susan, says “the club” makes her feel safe and at home. She says it is very noticeable that this golf course is family managed in the way people are taken care off and warmly welcomed on arrival.

Eight years ago, sadly Brian died, but she felt very much supported by all the club members and the staff of Amarilla Golf, who took care of her through a very difficult time.

Susan is well known for her extraordinary fancy dress costumes, she loves to play golf but also enjoys the social events that accompany it and always makes an effort to be very well presented. For example, an event that took place at La Marina when Susan dressed up as Queen Elizabeth II and Simon Shovlar as Prince Charles.

Sue is very grateful to Amarilla Golf course and says it is a privilege to be a member of a club that has tee times available every Thursday and Sunday throughout the year for their club members ....





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