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Local Rules


1. OUT OF RANGE: The out of bounds is marked with white stakes.

2. WATER HAZARDS: They are marked with red lines.

3. LAND FOR REPAIR: They are marked with white closed lines.

4. MOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: stones in bunkers are considered movable obstructions and the r. 1.24 should be applied.

5. EMBEDDED BALL: Through the green, a ball embedded on its own impact on the ground may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the place where it lay but not nearer to the hole.

6. INTEGRAL PARTS OF THE COURSE: the stone walls.


TRENCH (PIT) surrounding the 9th hole you can drop WITHOUT PENALTY of point relief without WINNING DISTANCE OF THE FLAG (a club), this rule does not include the bunker on the 9th hole REAR which is delimited.