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Emily Anctil, our Canadian in love with Tenerife
September 02 2020 0 comment

Emily Anctil, our Canadian in love with Tenerife

 This is the story of Emily, a Canadian girl who arrived at Amarilla Golf a bit by chance, after making the decision to completely change her landscape and her daily routine.

She was born near Montreal, the French-speaking metropolis of Canada, where she achieved her degree as a speech-language pathologist in 2016. She dedicated the following years to her career, specializing in treating people with neurological and voice disorders. She worked mainly in hospitals with head trauma and stroke victims, as well as with transgender women wishing to feminize their voice.

Emily is a dreamy girl who is always looking for new adventures and personal projects. So much so that in 2019 she decided to follow what her heart dictated and escaped the harsh winter of Canada to visit Spain with a special visa called Working Holiday Visa. Lover of this country, she wanted to come back to the peninsula after living a year in Barcelona in 2013. But sometimes in this life you cannot plan much because when you least expect it your plans change suddenly. And this was exactly what happened to her when she visited the island for the first time: she was happily trapped in Tenerife!

On the island she met Martin Gourdy Allende, a golf professional but above all a great friend, who shared his passion and esteem for this sport and introduced her to the world of golf and to Amarilla’s team.

Outside of work, Emily likes hitting balls and hiking… she never misses an opportunity to discover every hidden corner of the islands, which she already knows better than many residents.  She also loves to mingle with other musicians on the way to play guitar and sing.

Soon, our Emily will have to go back to Canada since her sabbatical year is coming to an end. In Amarilla Golf we’ll miss her smile, her fresh ideas and the good energy she brings in the reception every day.

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