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London Cabins in Amarilla Golf
February 28 2020 0 comment

London Cabins in Amarilla Golf

The London cabins, an icon of UK culture

The famous red cabin was designed in 1924 by Giles Gilbert Scott (1880-1960), architect of the imposing Electrical Power Plant that hostes the London Tate Modern museum on the banks of the River Thames.

Scott's cabin, red to facilitate its location, was a forge booth equipped with an advanced ventilation system, with three walls formed by glass panels and a royal crown on the word "Telephone" at the top.

The original model lasted until the 1980s, when in 1984 the British Telecom company was privatized and began to replace the cabins with the vulgar glass or transparent plastic cabins that dominate the urban landscape of the cities of the United Kingdom nowadays. BT had the difficult task of making profits despite the high cleaning costs and repair by vandalism.

With more than eighty years of history, the remaining kiosks have become an icon of British culture as famous as double-decker buses or London black cabs.

Quite often you can see a group of tourists in London posing in one of those remaining cabins - well opening the door, well simulating a call - to immortalize your visit in a photo.

Nowadays, these typical London cabins still populate much of the United Kingdom cities, and we can also see them in Malta, in the British colonies and even in Amarilla Golf, Tenerife.

It was our Promoter and Founder Antonio Tavío who, upon hearing of one of the first auctions in the United Kingdom, managed to access one and buy 3 cabins in 1988, which he brought by boat from the port of London. His purpose was to pay tribute to the British people who, at that time were the 90% of all visitors who chose Tenerife as a place to spend their vacations or as their second residence. It was his way that this little colony that was already beginning to be created by this time felt "at home".

The three cabins were adapted with Spanish public telephones (telefónica) and were functioning correctly for more than 2 decades. The first one was placed inside the ancient Club House (actual Clansani), the second one was placed outside one of the first urbanizations that wase completed: Pinehurst and the last one was situated at the door of the only supermarket in the entire urbanization, located under the pool of La Quinta (current Pool Bar La Quinta).

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, only one has survived over the years and is the one we can now find between the new tee of hole #1 and the new practice facilities of ​​Amarilla Golf. 

We are delighted to share this last London cabin, of great sentimental value for the whole Amarilla Golf team as a tribute and thanks to the British people who have always been so united to Tenerife.
We hope this British & now Tenerife Cabin could become the frame or setting of many joyful photographs to share with family and friends!
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