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Antonio Tavío - The man who dreamed by the sea


On the night of D. Antonio Tavío’s funeral, who, among many other projects, made possible the foundation of Amarilla’s golf course and marina, his great friend Javier Lopéz went to bed thinking over and over again that a man like that deserved a monument, so that he could be remembered in a special way.


On July 6, 2011, one year following his death, the members of Amarilla Golf’s Club played a tournament in his memory and organized  the awards ceremony at La Marina. That same day, Javier Lopez spoke with Mike Baker, Captain of the Club at the time, and explained his idea of erecting a bust in Antonio Tavio’s memory. All welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm.


To give shape to this whole Project, on September 6, 2011, a committee was formed by :

Honorary President : Ma Ángeles Asciano Cullen

President : Micheal Baker

Vice President : Javier Lopez

Secretary : Pam Cowan

Treasure : Brian Masters

Tavío Family’s representatives : Angela and Eduardo Tavío

Other participants : Ian Pilling and Jose Domingo Reveron


The first location considered for the monument’s erection was the green of the old 12th hole, so it would be facing two of his great works. Although, this idea had to be dismissed because the site was considered too exposed and no well guarded.

In the meanwhile, fundraising efforts began through tournaments, while friends and acquaintances who had loved Antonio Tavío during his life time offered additional contributions to give life to this project.

Initially, the sculptor Eladio de la Cruz was chosen, but due to medical resaons, his student Lanzarote Evelyna Martin, from Bronze Scuptures, completed his work under his recommendation. Antonio’s wife, Angelita, visited regularly the artist’s studio to help him capture the best possible realism, since he only had a simple photograph as a reference.

It was decided that the bust should be erected on a volcanic stone that came from the golf course itself, which was then sculpted to display the work.

Finally, the monument was placed on its current location, next to the Casa Club, for its greater visibility, a better security, for being the place where it could be best enjoyed by all and where Antonio would had a better view of his beloved ocean.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the loss of the founder and that is why we wanted to remember this story and thank its protagonists. They have given us this beautiful souvenir, allowing everyone to keep Antonio Tavío’s memory alive.


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